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Fuzz Ease

Fuzz Ease

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Keep your pet healthy and happy with Fuzz Ease. This specialty tincture is made with salmon oil so your dog, cat, or other mammal friends will enjoy the taste of the full-spectrum ingredients.

Did you know that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system? That means your furry friends can get just as much benefit out of our full-spectrum tinctures as you do! Whether you give your pet Fuzz Ease for pain management or to keep them healthy as they age, there are a whole host of reasons to celebrate this miraculous molecule.

Dosing: Recommended 1mg (one drop of tincture) for every 5lbs. / 2.2 kg your pet weighs. An easy method is to divide your pet's weight by 5, this is your pet's dose in tincture drops. Dispense twice daily before eating or as needed. 

 We prepare each batch carefully ourselves to ensure the highest quality and best consistency. I have over 8 years experience with creating apothecary products and ensure safe and sanitary practices are used consistently.  


Ingredients: Sustainably harvested Salmon oil and Full Spectrum CBD oil.

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